Ox chinese horoscope signAccording to the Chinese horoscope the time runs slower for you than for other horoscope signs. All this bustle, stress and modern lifestyle makes you pretty nervous. You're not a multitasker. You prefer to concentrate on one task at the time and do it thoroughly.


As a child you were very quiet and easy to handle. From an early age you have shown high degree of maturity and responsible behavior, so your parents never had to worry about your school assignments or extracurricular activities.

Back then, as well as now, you didn't appreciate to be called slow and difficult. You are full of energy, but this energy is not sparkly, shiny, happy and loud, but it is shown in your ability to fully commit to something and reliably perform the task you are commited to. You are able to work like an ox and learn with dedication and persistence all the other zodiac signs can only be envious about.

You always give your maximum, and you expect the same from others, but to them this may seem impossible. Those others, who would gladly do nothing while you do all the work, will often label you as stubborn and difficult person.

It seems unfair to you when others call you conservative. But they do this, because you do not accept any reason to reject tradition in favor of the latest fashions.

In reality you are a truely good person. You lose control only when someone provokes you or waves a red flag into your face. This is what you have in common with a close relative of yours, the Taurus from western astrology. Your anger outbursts are very scary for your loved ones, but also for anyone who knows you. And God only knows they give you more than enough reason for anger. Take your boss for instance, who wants to pay you less than you deserve or your spouse, who steadfastly refuses to accept your innate authority.

Male Oxes do not tolerate emancipated and critical women. But that does not mean they are unfaithful. However they do need a little more foreplay before letting themselves go, but you will hardly find a husband more loving and fathermore caring than the Ox.