Rabbit chinese horoscope signAccording to the Chinese horoscope it would be wrong to characterize you as a timid baby rabbit. But you are also not the loud and noticeable showoff. Your natural environment is the background, where you can quietly an reliabley perform your duties, enjoying  security.


Noisy people and aggressive behavior are not your thing, so you tend to diplomatically avoid contact with them.

You don't appreciate it when others think you're mysterious and that it is hard to get through to you, but it is also difficult for you to accept the risk of opening up to people because sometimes they can be very rude and offending.

It is obvious that you are not an uncomplicated and carefree person. But with your diplomacy sense and charm you win people's hearts and achieve success.

Even as a child you were hiding in your own world of dreams and imagination, which you protected by impenetrable wall of silence. And it took you long to emotionally "cut the umbilical cord". But when you finally succeeded, you felt the need to start our own family.

No matter if you are man or a woman, your Rabbit's nature makes you a very caring and compassionate person. So it is not surprising that under your leadership plants, animals and children just thrive, grow and bloom with happiness. Although you are very shy by nature, your warm, compassionate heart and sincere concern for others make you very popular.

And what would we see if we could take a peek behind your impenetrable facade? Deep inside you there is a desire to find a partner who is like you, honest, loyal and forever loving. But even when you are happy, you are not fully confident that the happiness you are feeling is real and lasting. But once you've chosen a life partner and built a happy home, even from the outside becomes evident that you have blossomed and found the long-sought peace for your gentle soul.

Your modesty and compassion is useful to everyone who you let into your heart. You are truly a grand prize.