Monkey Chinese Horoscope signAccording to the Chinese horoscope your life motto is: Life is a game, which is, if properly played, very much fun. Whoever takes this material life on Earth seriously, is self to blame.


You find people funny. First, they laugh at your witty jokes, and then they feel cheated and get angry.

You can can easily sell snow to Eskimos and talk people dumb and blind. It would be foolish not to use this skill for your own benefit.

In business you sometimes backstab your colegues. Sometimes it turns out that when you do that you also backstab yourself in the progress, but you don't mind. You can easily switch to another job or another position. You can win every prize you like effortlessly, but that doesn't mean you do not work with dedication, when it serves your benefit.

You believe you have experienced the true love, at least a dozen times in your life. And every time it was unique and wonderful. You don't understand why your love partners make so much drama when your love and romantic feelings completely die away of natural causes. You always experience the same scenario. First, everyone fly around you, like a moth on the flame of candle, and when they get burned, they blame the candle instead of themselves.

Family life is not necessarily something you enjoy. Marriage feels more like the burden to you. But you love the children. Sometimes you remind you of your own youth, when no one was safe from your imaginative tricks. Your poor parents! Baby Monkey is like an adult Monkey, only squared!

Sometimes you miss childhood, perhaps because you never really grew up. Sometimes your own liveliness bothers you, but those who love you, will surely forgive you for it.