Pig Chinese Horoscope signIn some cultures Pig is a symbol of happiness, and so the people born in the year of the Pig are attributed as lucky. They are experts in life issues. But that's only half the truth. Sometimes they feel that success and their well-being should fall from the sky.


Often people of this sign have very thin and airy, almost pinkish skin and blue eyes. These are also their favorite colors. They seem like a distracted, but ambitious professor who is obsessed with a quest of somekind, a quest to finding himself.

Unfortunately, human Pigs are sometimes a living example of how people who are honest often end up looking stupid. They observe the world through pink glasses and naively believe that all people are equally well-intentioned and honest as themselves. That's why they often get hurt by other people. But their naivety does have limits, so they often build emotional barriers that keep people and their wickedness on safe distance.

Although they appear friendly and easygoing, deep down in their souls these people are afraid of deeper emotional relationships. They prefer having a lot of superficial friends and acquaintances, to having a really deep, passionate relationship. Although they can be very passionate, they often suffer in relationships.

In their younger years, as piglets, they can be a real nightmare to the parents who raise their children based on discipline and authority. But they are very interesting to parents who can keep up with them and always offer ??them some new and interesting contents.

When older, some critics may say they start a lot at once and in the end nothing is ever finished and learned. But it is also their life dilemma, at one point they decide to commit to something and at another, they begin to regret it because they realize they will miss out on something else.

However, they don't have to worry too much about the money. They will either unexpectedly inherit large amount of money or win playing the lottery. If neither should happen, they are successful enough to earn more money than they need.