Welcome feng shui lovers and random visitors :). This web is a place for you to find practical ideas how to implement feng shui in your home the easiest way possible. Later on we will be expanding to feng shui for your workplace as well, but for the time being we'll concentrate on simple formula and adaptation of your livingspace to maximize its funcionality and makeing it a reflection of your best self. Also you will find meanings behind some of the most popular feng shui symbols.

5 elements feng shui

What you will NOT find are
opssessive rules what you MUST and MUST NOT do, or else... We are not here to make you afraid of your own shaddow, bathroom, kitchen or whatever feng shui taboo. We are here to learn, have fun and make some home improvements you will enjoy living in.

Our team will give it's best to explain everything plainly in fewest words possible, using plenty of pictures to give you some ideas what was meant in the text and to start you thinking on possible design ideas you already had. 

Also, you will be able to learn something about different branches of Chinese metaphisics, such as Chinese Horoscope for instance.

Please excuse some of our bad english, we will do our best to improve it as we go along. Do feel free to mail us some syntax improvements you may have ;). 

Now go on and enjoy feng shui for me, for you, for everyone.

Your feng shui for me team :).