Dragon is the only mythical animal in Chinese zodiac. Therefore it is of no surprise that the Chinese attribute him with supernatural powers. He likes to be the center of attention and he preferes everything that differs from the established social norms.

Wood Dragon (1904, 1964)
Although the Dragons are not very patient by nature, this specific Dragon knows when and how to wait. He is able to show his hidden talents at the right time. And while he is waiting for this moment, he prepares for it.


Fire Dragon (1916, 1976)
Dragon's view is far-reaching. This enables him to identify and analyze the problem, so that he can act in a timely manner. Once he chooses the path, his success is guaranteed.


Earth Dragon (1928, 1988)
He has clearly defined moral and ethical standards that are hard for others to live up to, but he follows them relentlessly and invests all his energy in the fulfillment of his own principles. Often, he advocates for the weak and helpless, even when it is not in his favor.


Metal Dragon (1940, 2000)
This Dragon gains wisdom by listening. Like a wood Dragon, he is slightly withdrawn and tends to avoid beeing the center of attention. Small but effective deeds are better suited to his nature than the large and empty ones. He uses his capabilities for important ventures of deep significance.


Water Dragon (1952, 2012)
The Chinese sometimes call him the "Rain Dragon" and he is a symbol of prosperity and wealth. These Dragons know their worth and gallantly accept gifts that life generously gives them. His attitude exudes confidence that a well deserved award awaits him in the end.