Snakes are known to possess mystical powers. Unlike Dragons, who brag around with their ability, Snakes mostly keep it to themselves. They love to explore everything to the max. They only feel comfortable when they know everything there is to know about something.

Wood Snake (1905, 1965)
This Snake is very cautious and takes extra precautions rather than to get into any sort of risk. She possesses lots of hidden talents just waiting to be discovered. She needs a long and exhaustive preparation to decide on a new start.


Fire Snake (1917, 1977)
This snake also is a bit introverted, but she knows how to draw attention to herself when she feels that it is the right moment for it. She keeps away from unfamiliar territory and prefers to stay in her favorite place, undisturbed, patiently observing her surroundings.

Earth Snake (1929, 1989)
This Snake was known as the bringer of happiness in ancient China, because she is able to elicit a smile on the faces of people who surround only by her appearance. She is a living proof that one does not need material things to be happy, but only the good will and a smile.


Metal Snake (1941, 2001)
Many things can be solved by themselves when given enough time. It is a metal Snake life experience transformed into one sentence. Therefore, this Snake plants a seed and patiently and quietly waits for it to come up, the plant to emerge from the soil, grow up and bear fruit.


Water Snake (1953, 2013)
These Snakes are highly appreciated when it comes to relationships. They are capable of having a profound, long-lasting relationships. It is sometimes hard to see through their impenetrable facade and see their true face hidden behind it.