Although Goat in the Chinese zodiac represents the feminine principle, she is not always as mild as she looks. Usually Goats love to surround themselves with other people and show understanding and compassion. They are blessed with artistic talents.

Wood Goat (1955, 2015)
Although this Goat, like other Goats seeks safety in the company of others, sometimes she prefers solitude. Occasionally she likes to keep to herself. And while in solitude, some Goats develop their well-known artistic streak. When she dives in her own self, she does not need society and can devote fully to her internal life.


Fire Goat (1907, 1967)
This Goat loves independence more than anything. For the purposes of self-realization she will happilly dislocate herself from the "herd." But when this is done she will feel guilty and insecure, because she is not completely at the service of others.


Earth Goat (1919, 1979)
Earth Goat generally feels very satisfied with her place in the "herd." She is aware that she has chosen, if not the fastest, but at least the safest way to achieve success. This was she can be certain that she doesn't harm anyone, which is very important to her, because the benefit of others is more important to her than her own.


Metal Goat (1931, 1991)
Metal Goat has no need to stand in spotlight. She knows that her actions speak louder than words and that her willingness to help others provides her with advocates. If she sticks to her friendlyness she will go a long away. If she decides to be too rough, she will remain alone.


Water Goat (1943, 2003)
Company is very important to a water Goat and she always feels the best when she is a part of a community. Despite that she often needs time for herself. So she takes the time out often invisibly, in the middst of the biggest crowds. Her opponents gladly allow her to convert them to her ways with gentle words.