Monkey's awake mind causes him to be simultaneously involved with several different projects. Sometimes he seems to be little entangled, but in the end he comes out of every situation as a winner. With his elocvence he is able to convince even the greatest skeptics.

Wood Monkey (1944, 2004)
When he is trying to plan something, he is able to dislocate himself from the situation and look at it objectively, from the outside. With his wide awake spirit he is able to "play" multiple scenarios in his head, before he goes into action.


Fire Monkey (1956, 2016)
Although at first glance this Money seems carelessly harum-scarum, he is actually the only kind of Monkey one can truly rely on when things go wrong. Although he is the most chaotic of all kinds of Monkeys and needs lots of room to maneuver, he is always willing to selflessly offer his help.


Earth Monkey (1908, 1968)
Usually these are people who have enough selfconfidence to not feel the need to constantly push themselves to the forefront. Sometimes they let things happen, thereby allowing hreir competitors to also "throws the hook." When you are alone at home they feel comfortable and are able to lead an independent life, but from the outside it seems that they can not live without a large amount of other people with whom they surround themselves in the public.


Metal Monkey (1920, 1980)
Monkeys with distinctive metal elemnt in their natal chart are the quietest, most balanced Monkeys. They can easilly adapt to a new situation and show a constant in their work. In business they are able to achieve big success.


Water Monkey (1932, 1992)
This is certainly the most elegant of all Monkeys. He is aware of the impression he leaves on people and he uses his manners and politeness to attract people and win them for his projects and beliefs. When he keeps an eye on the finances, he can easily achieve success.