Chinese Zodiac (Chinese horoscope) can be classified into four groups, each containing three horoscope signs that are mutualy compatible with each other. This is called affinity triangles, but You can also find term "ally" very often. Signs in each triangle (allies) tend to think in a similar way, wich leads them to better understanding and compassion. However, they by no means express the same temperament, or work the same way. One member of the group may be fearful and another brave, one trickfull and other naive. But the way they think, in most cases makes them find common ground and cooperate well with each other. They also feel confortable around each other and may be grat friends.

If two allies become a couple, they have a greater chance of achieving happy relationship. The four triangle groups are called protectors, diplomats, thinkers, competitors.

Note that if your animal sign is yang your allies will also be yang and if your animal sign is yin your allies will be yin.


This group includes Chinese horoscope signs: Dog, Tiger and Horse.

These are the free spirits of the zodiac - emotional, subjective, highly principled, abrupt and impatient. They tend to protect their family, friends and the oppressed.

The Horse is the strategist, but he needs the energy of a Tiger to get started or Dog's determination to finish things up. The wild Tiger should be mitigated by the good nature of the Dog and the restless spirit of a Horse requires an exhaust valve that Tiger's energy offers him or a calming influence of the Dog.


This group includes Chinese horoscope signs: Rabbit, Goat and Pig.

They are people open to collaboration, discrete and low-key. Usually they are sensitive, compassionate, sociable and want to please everyone. They do not engage in high risk operations, and are not particularly witty or clever. They provide tender care to one another.

Clear sighted Rabbit is protected by the generosity of the Goat. The Goat benefits from Rebbit's sense of prioritization. Power of a Pig complements strategic thinking of the Rabbit and gentle approach of the Goat.


This group includes Chinese horoscope signs: Snake, Ox and Rooster.

These are all thinkers, visionaries and pragmatists of the Chinese zodiac. They are thoughtful, confidental, determined, persistent, resolute, and generally have impressive skills and a strong personality.

Buffalo is a sturdy and reliable as a rock, but he can benefit from Snake's charms and smooth diplomacy sense. Snake is cunning and ambitious, but can achieve more with the help of the Ox. Rooster's openness can be tamed by seductive Snake or Buffalo's stability.


This group includes Chinese horoscope signs: Dragon, Monkey and Rat.

These are all individuals focused on action, competitition, positiveness and determination.

The Rat is very unsecure and he needs courage and immense confidence of the Dragon. Dragon is stubborn and needs some cunningness of a Monkey or Rat's ability to perceive opportunity. Monkey thrives on Dragon's enthusiasm and Rat's intelligence.