Dog Chinese Horoscope signNo matter how inconspicuous the person born in the year of the Dog looked at first glance, they have one irreplaceable function. Consider this example, an orchestra with all the musicians wanting to play the first violin, who would play the supporting harmony? If everyone were talking, who would patiently listen? If everyone exercised their will, who would give in? No one but you, the meek and faithful Dog.


You don't worry that others say you will never achieve anything in life. Nor do you care about current fashion trend. You feel great in a pair of jeans from the last decade. While others are vain, you happily think about all the things you don't need. The one who has come to know himself does not need an expensive car, a fur coat, shine and glamor to be happy. You truely believe that people presented themselves pompously because deep down they believe that they are not enough. And you do not need all that.

Of course, when one is fully balanced, selfless and equally just to everyone, like you are, it often means that some other area of life suffers. In your case, you lack spontaneity, temperament and exuberance. But hey, where would the world go if everyone unrestrained evinced their needs and aggressions?! Is there anything more precious and valuable than peace and harmony between people? Dogs live to comfort and help others, and in this unbalanced world it is a very needy field of action. 

Well, maybe you're a bit pessimistic, but is that not an advantage? The one who always expects the worst, can never be disappointed.

Whoever wins your heart, has found a friend for life.

Children love people born in the year of Dog, because they are caring. Mothers in law love their Dogs, because they are "solid". Yes, that's you, loyal, trustworthy and always at service.