Dragon Chinese horoscope signNo other sign of the Chinese zodiac radiates as much energy as the Dragon. As Dragon is  a mythological creature, he is credited with many supernatural powers. People born in the year of Dragon posses incomparable charm, generosity and capability.


Many believe that Dragons are incapable of modesty, but actually they are very realistic. It is not their fault that they are superior to all other horoscope signs. They are always full of brilliant ideas. Ordinary life feels like imprisonment to them. On the wings of imagination they fly through undiscovered areas and dimensions. They are also highly speculative and spiritual.

Already at an early age they start driving a rather conventional parent crazy by asking very unconventional questions. A smart parent will seek unconventional answers and give up trying to raise and mold a young Dragon's mind. If a Dragon grows up in, for him, unsuitable conditions, he can become a loner. But even then, people will be drawn to their mysterious charisma. However, they do not depend on other people's opinions and could not live a life of a marionette, while others hold and pull the strings of their lives.

As they are very versatile, capable and interesting it would be a shame to "waste" the life of a Dragon on just one person. Legend says that the love for the Dragon is associated with suffering, but that's not entirely true. When people realize they can not posses him, they tend to forget how many beautiful moments he has given them and instead of being happy because they've had a chance to get to know him, they suffer because they can not keep him. Dragon is not a partner for a gentle soul. But one thing we can say for sure, he is never boring.