Goat Chinese Horoscope signYou are the type of person who is not happy to publicly show his/her character, because you worry what people would think about you if they knew the truth.


Normally you tend to guard your privacy with your life. Only a few confidants have access to your true self.

Maybe you're a little bit too cautious, because many people respect you because of your good, kind and tolerant nature. You always try to find common ground with other people. As a child, you were good and easy to handle, always happy when someone approached you with love and kindness. You did well in school.

You believe there is no need to work hard, if you can get the same result by making a silent plead with your lovely eyes. You also think that you should easily let somebody else do your work, since they are probably better at doing it than you anyway.

Okay, so you are not the most determined person, and you may believe that no one should work to hard (aspecially not you). But your common sense and practical mind help you in situations where you lack the initiative. Actualy, you will make the effort to work hard only when you know you can achieve success which will allow you to live a prolonged period of time without doing anything. You love life, with all its small pleasures, too much to work more than absolutely necessary.

The one who knows how to treat you, will find that you are a gentle and compassionate partner. Accuracy is not necessarily one of the most important things in your life, which some people around you can find irritating.

Sometimes people think it's impossible to please you, because you are always bickering and naging, but you do that only when you don't feel good about yourself. If something is not going the way it should be, you're the first to notice and to make sure others notice it, too.