Horse Chinese horoscope signYou are indeed the most honest, effective and fun personality of the Chinese zodiac. Even in early childhood, you were known for your courage, but also for the fact that you never allowed anyone to put a saddle onto you.


However, your mother could always rely on you to come back home, even though you always went away without saying where you were going or when you'll come back. In a way you kept this character feature to the present day.

You are a person who thrives on having their own audience. Without it, you would be lonely, insecure and full of self-doubt. Yes, I know, other people find it hard to believe that beneath your entertaining personality there is no real confidence at all.

Fortunately, most of the time you are surrounded by people, noise, brightness and events, so that you seldom find the time for reflection and thinking.

Impression you make on others is very important to you, so you are very careful about your appearance.

Do you know the saying about the elephant in a porcelain shop? Actually, it was not an elephant, but a horse! Luckily, you believe that all those who work (or speak) inevitably must make mistakes, sooner or later. The fact that mistakes, in your case regularly appear sooner is not your fault.

Love is very important to you. So you often rush to evaluate potential partners, therefore you make wrong judgements and end up with the wrong partner. Later, you concider your failed relationships to be a form of "throwing pearls to the pigs" (apologies to people born in the year of Pig, this is not about you). But you've always longed for a committed, loving partner and a warm home you can come back to after your roaming is over.

Note that this comeback must always be voluntary. You are certainly not a circus horse, but a free Mustang. Voluntarily you will give your partner the stars from the sky, if necessary, but put under pressure you will not to give him even a plain glass of water.

As stated earlier, you love to be surrounded by people. Your partner should be aware of that and allow you every now and than a harmless flirt. Then you'll be happy and always readily return back home.