In the Chinese horoscope horse represents the male principle. Sport, nature and social activities are first on his list of priorities. Most members of this sign are very ambitious, but never followed their ambitions at the expense of others.

Wooden Horse (1954, 2014)
Although one of the main characteristics of the horse is that he's keeping things real, wooden horse is not like that. He happily builds his fantasy world and lives in it. Diligence and strength of will allow him to make his dreams a reallity, even when it seems impossible to others.


Fire Horse (1906, 1966)
Fire Horse is the most ambitious sign of the Chinese horoscope. With his strong desire for success, he manages to accomplish everything he wishes for.

Earth Horse (1918, 1978)
Why look for happiness around the world, when you can find it right in front of your door. This Horse knows where he belongs and he enjoys his place of belonging. That way he can major his many tasks and be beneficial to his community.

Metal Horse (1930, 1990)
Metal horse firmly believes that whoever does his job responsibly and reliably, will sooner or later be generously rewarded. This enables him to achieve a very high social and economic status, sooner or later in his life.

Water Horse (1942, 2002)
Water Horse does not hesitate to fight for his ideals and he keeps fighting untill he sees them implemented in practice. He never moves into battle unprepared and knows how to verbally disarm his opponents.