Rat chinese horoscope signIt's a pity that Rats enjoy such a bad reputation in the western countries of the world. In reality, people born in the year of the Rat are neither dirty nor evil. On the contrary, his consistency and robust physical and mental health are qualities for which other signs of Chinese zodiac can be envious about.


Already as children Rats tend to act and think independently. It's not always easy for the parents that their little Rat has unbridled curiosity. Nevertheless, little Rat enjoys the comfort and safety of his family and home.

Rat tends to keep some of these childlike qualities even when he's all grown up. Safest claim that we can say abut people born in the year of Rat is that they are constantly changing, and that you can always expect the unexpected from them. Statism and routine are not their thing so they throw themselves boldly in mindblowing ventures. Sometimes they get scared of their own fearlessnes, because deep down in their soul they actually need security to feel good.

In the working environment and career they quickly climb the ladder to leading positions. Once they set their goal, they do not stop until it is achieved. But they never do it on their colleague's expence. They prefer their success to be based on honest and hard work.

Weaklings and cowards are never their friends, because Rats don't like these qualities. This is why Rats tend to hide their own weaknesses beneath an energetic and extrovert facade.

Rats are very sociable people, always surrounded by many friends, acquaintances and fans. But since quality is more important to them than quantity, they tend to have very few close friends.

Lucky girl who wins the heart of a Rat, will be enchanted by his passion and desire to please her. But if she ever hurts him, she can count on a brutal revenge. Same goes for guys who fall for a Rat-lady.