Rooster Chinese Horoscope signYou are the kind of person that rarely goes unnoticed. Either because of your clothing, walking or your achievements, you are impossible to miss. And that is exactly what you really want. Even though you don't admit it, it is important to you what others think, therefore, you make special effort to adjust your appearance and your style.


Your oponents may say you only do it to hide your insecurity and inadequacy, but you don't believe in psychology. On the contrary, you are a hero, a conqueror, the discoverer of new continents, Casanova ... or at least, you are all this in your vivid imagination, which you require as much as the air to breathe.

Already as a child you were very demanding. You had to know it all, try it all. Your former classmates may remember you as a braggart, but you just didn't want anyone else to overshadow you.

Female Roosters were not necessarily born to live a modest housewife life. Although they love children, their career is just as important to them, and so is love.

Unfortunately, only a rare and special partner is required to live by your modern and advanced views. And also, sometimes it seems that the whole world conspired only to cause you the anger of the righteous. People are simply reluctant to see the world from your perspective. But when you're in good shape, you have enough power and courage to grab happiness, even if you have to do it by force.

The Chinese claim that Rooster often hurts the ones he/she loves the most. And you are a truly loyal partner. In fact, deep down you are a very conservative person.

You can most easily come along with those who admire your virtues and who don't mind all the drama you occasionly create.