Snake Chinese horoscope signThere is much more prejudice about the Snake than any other animal in the Chinese zodiac. The only thing about it that has to do with you, is that sometimes a person can feel hypnotized when around you.


You love spiritual discussions, but you do not prefer a direct conflict. You rather tend to solve problems in an elegant manner.

There are only a few people who are really in your class. Most people are mediocre, their spirituality only superficial and their lives lack substance. This is the main reason why you have so few real friends.

You are very fascinated by immersion into the world of subtlety and spirituality and you like to percieve things from all possible perspectives. But that world can sometimes be deep and heavy, so you can sometimes get caught in the strings of your sophisticated mind. That's why you must be careful not to turn into a thinker who fails to see the happy side of life.

You are not meant to do meaningless jobs. Fortunately, fate is good to you when it comes to your well deserved life standard. Most Snakes are often "born into" the circumstances they deserve, without having to work to achieve it. Some Snakes will marry into a good family, while others can find another way to live the high life without too much effort, just with the little help of their innate luck.

When it comes to love issues, the first association is Eve and the forbidden fruit, but it takes two to make a sin, one to seduce and one be seduced, and so it is in your love stories.

Ordinary people can call deceitful, but you know that sometimes people are not mature enough to know the truth about something. Even if sometimes something inappropriate finds its way out, it takes only one charming, mysterious, subtle blink of your lovely eyes and it is all immediately forgotten. No one can stay mad at you for a long time.

One who trusts you and follows your advice will certainly achieve success.