Tiger chinese horoscope signDespite popular perception, in Chinese horoscope you are not the arrogant Shir Khan, obsessed with yor own ego and power. You are merely a free spirit who does not want to be a slave, but also does not want to be a king either. Already at an early age you were impressing everyone around you with your friendlyness and delightfulness. Your claws can only be felt by those who are trying to limit your freedom.

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You are a true artist when it comes to survival and living. Your bright and optimistic attitude are your trademark through the life into the old age. You never stop laughing, joking and flirting.

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You are a strong person, just as strong as any man. You can not be easily irritated. Difficulties are your reason for living and a sort of a life potion. When there are not enough problems, fights and dangers you feel that your life has little or no meaning, or at least does not offer you enough adventure.

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Most Tigers possess an innate authority that do not tolerate opposition. Like the real rulers they control their lands and their subordinates. With personal commitment, hard work and good connections Tiger will achieve everythin he/she sets his/her mind on.

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