Tiger chinese horoscope signDespite popular perception, in Chinese horoscope you are not the arrogant Shir Khan, obsessed with yor own ego and power. You are merely a free spirit who does not want to be a slave, but also does not want to be a king either. Already at an early age you were impressing everyone around you with your friendlyness and delightfulness. Your claws can only be felt by those who are trying to limit your freedom.


Your oponents consider you to be a superficial joker, who always and undeserved gets it all. But it's not undeserved. The secret laws of life prescribe that the one with most positive attitude gets the most in every situation.

You love to lead your life fast and risky. The safety is not important to you. The bigger the risk, the greater the chance to fall. But your attitude is that it is not shameful to fall, but to stay on the ground. When it seems that you came to an end, it is just another opporunity for you to show that the large wild cats also have nine lives, just like their smaller cousins, domestic cats.

Maybe you are not the ideal employee for every slave keeper, oops, sorry, I ment employer. And you don't think money should be saved and collected. You like to immediately get rid of it as soon as you receive it. But that may mean you'll never get rich, no matter how hard you work and how much money you earn.

In love you tend to behave in similar way as with your money. At first, your potential partners are impressed by the passion and excitement you awake in them, but then they try to limit your free spirit with exclusive, monogamous relationships and (well founden) jealousy attacks. And the only reason for that is your charming personality who likes to flirt. Many of your former love partners have already lost the game trying to keep you to theirself. But no one can come close to the greatest love of your life, the love for freedom and independence.

But however, you are not the person who suffers because of mistakes from the past. You rather go on bravely into new adventures, always looking for new prey. And no one can resist your joyous nature.