Most Tigers possess an innate authority that do not tolerate opposition. Like the real rulers they control their lands and their subordinates. With personal commitment, hard work and good connections Tiger will achieve everythin he/she sets his/her mind on.


Wood Tiger (1914, 1974)
Persistent personality, who stubbornly follows his/her own goals and dreams. People can hardly understand him/her. Decisively he/she abandons the things and people that no longer serve him/her. In this way he/she generates sufficient space for new people, new situations and personal freedom.


Fire Tiger (1926, 1986)

With his/her agile appearence, this Tiger easily achieves all of his/her objectives. He/she has a strong and ambitious personality and knows how to defend his/her views, by words and by deeds. Because of the fire element he/she is able to guides and motivate all around him/her with ease.


Earth Tiger (1938, 1998)

This Tiger aims high. His/her ambition and determination are his/her motivators. As long as he/she has a goal, it is not difficult for him/her to overcome every obstacle and endure any hardship. He/she will eventually achieve success, though it may cost him/her a friendship.


Metal Tiger (1950, 2010)

This Tiger has no need to constantly proves himself/herself. He/she is aware of his/her abilities and that allows him/her to walk through life a lot more relaxed than the other Tigers. Once he/she learns how to explain his/her decisions to others, his/her life will be a lot easier. If he/she does not learn that, he/she will constantly have to fight against resistance in his/her own rows.


Water Tiger (1902, 1962)

Most spiritual of all the Tigers, but hesitant to openly show it. Prepared to leave his/her natural habitat for his/her beliefs and to present them to the public, if necessary.